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We guarantee to place your web site at the top of search return lists. This includes the top 10 search engines and over 80% of all search engines!

Our™ program guarantees your website a top position! For all the popular search terms within your category of products or services, your web site will appear at the top of the search return pages of the most popular search engines.™ produces prospects similar to Yellow Page advertising. Visitors are actually searching for your product and are ready to buy. prospects are even better than yellow pages prospects because you only have to pay for the ad when your site is visited.

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HOW SearchLeads WORKS

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You may select to appear in all or some of the top search engines that reach 75% of all Internet users: Yahoo, AOL, Google, AltaVista, Lycos, Netscape, MSN, Excite, HotBot, Cnet,7MetaSearch, etc.

Your website will appear at the top of web listings for hundreds of search terms associated with each of your categories of products or services.

Depending on your selection, your web site will also appear under the same search terms in as many as 80% of the top 150 search engines at lower rankings.

This program requires no effort on your part; we do all the work for you. Your site can appear on all search engines within 24 hours.  Our team of experts will select the best title, description and search terms for your business in order to maximize the number of visits to your site.

Starting a Campaign is Easy!
Select the link below to complete contact form. Just enter your information and we will return a cost per visitor and the number of monthly visitors you will receive within that budget!


NEW! optional, search engine optimization:
You can now appear within free search engines (or the "free section" of most search engines) like Google where over 90% of clicks are on non-sponsored sites. Visit for more information or to see a comparison among both methods visit:
Pay Per Click Search Engines versus organic non PPC SE listings. Search Engine Optimization/Promotion

SearchLeads Client Testimonials

We’ve been using Searchleads for the past year. The service has been excellent. They are responsive to my questions and answer any inquiries in a timely manner. Adjustments have been made per my requests. It has been what my company needed to get my web business started.

Rena Kalman of


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