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We guarantee to place your website at the top of search return lists. This includes reports on your traffic from all the top 10 search engines and over 80% of all search engines! PPC Management has teamed up with ROIspy to provide a pay-per-click management service with Return On Investment (ROI) tracking functionality.  Now you can have bids managed across multiple ppc search engines AND trackyour incoming traffic from click to conversion.

Know exactly which keywords and which visitors are converting to newsletter signups, catalog requests, sales, etc. You'll have the right information to adjust your campaigns and meet your target, goals and mission.

ROI Calculator: measure every advertising dollar!

Our™ program guarantees the position you want and the ROI data you need! For all the popular search terms within your category of products or services, your website will appear at the top of the search return pages of the most popular search engines and you'll be able to tell if they convert when you are armed with information about how those campaigns are meeting your goals.

With, you'll be able to track visitors, buyers, search terms, abandon rates and ROI for any web advertising effort like banners, PPC, reciprocal programs and more.

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You can now appear within free search engines (or the "free section" of most search engines) like Google where over 90% of clicks are on non-sponsored sites. Visit for more information or to see a comparison among both methods visit: 

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