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  • Rules and Guidelines for SearchLeads

No one knows your business, competitors,  corporate jargon and target market  better than you.  SearchLeads provides you with website promotional experience to help get you more sales. In order to provide you with the best possible service we need to work together to meet your specific advertising needs. 

For our service there is a minimum monthly spend of $100.00. If your websites is not receiving sufficient clicks your bids will be adjusted to meet this minimum spend requirement.  Even if you are active one day of a given calendar month you will be billed the $100.00.  

To get started you need to provide us with a base or direction:

A)  Decide what terms/ keywords that best illustrate the product or service that you are offering. Create titles and descriptions including at least one of your keywords and the market that you are targeting which you would like us to promote to the Pay-Per-Click engines.

B)  Send us your initial terms, titles and descriptions in excel format for our review.  Suggestions for additional terms or improvements will be sent to you as needed.   This is a team effort to get your product/ service noticed and sold.

Things to keep in mind:

1)  For submission keywords selected must appear within the first 3 pages of your website; titles and descriptions should clearly reflect website content, ownership and location. 

2)  Titles can be no longer than 40 characters with spaces, 

3)  Descriptions no longer than 190 with spaces.  

For better results with the search engines, superlatives cannot be used in either title or description.  You should also avoid excessive use of capitalization or exclamation points.

C) For detailed click vs. sales information we strongly suggest installing ROISpy on your website.   

D) You must have active funds in your account before any work is done or modifications are made.  

NOTE:  We reserve the right to remove keywords for lack of traffic, ROI, and low click through rates.  At any point if a title or description is not providing the expected results it will be modified to better utilize your advertising funds.  Any suggested modifications will be sent to you for approval. 

We manage your bids and analyze your keywords to help you better target your market and improve your sales.

For additional information or to register with us, email  
or phone our Chicago office.

Starting a Campaign is Easy!
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