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Are your Listings International?
Hispanics Have the Numbers But Asians Have the Income
In the 85 metro markets surveyed by The Media Audit, Hispanics outnumber Asians by more than two to one, 18,370,000 to 7,672,000. But, 1,488,000 Asian households have annual incomes of $100,000 or more compared to 1,476,000 Hispanic households.

Read More on Hispanic vs Asian Media Advertising at


SearchLeads Impact: Greater amount of qualified traffic


SmartBid enables 7Search Advertisers
to Bid for Network Position:

Advertisers can now bid to appear for network position across's partner website network within their account. The network consists of 35% of the top 150 search engines in English speaking countries. Learn more at

SearchLeads Impact: Greater amount of qualified traffic


Epilot Fails to Impress with New Local Direct
Touting a revolutionary search technology developed by INTERCHANGE, Epilot's partnership so far has yielded little if any positive effect for advertisers or Epilot partners. An independent case study of the affiliate program revealed that bid prices were exceptionally low resulting in low earnings on the part of affiliates, who may simply dump the program altogether.


SearchLeads Impact: ZERO


What the Heck is a Clustering Search Feed?

Vivisimo and Looksmart

Vivísimo, a provider of clustering and meta-search software for organizing search results, and LookSmart, a search company, have announced a clustering search feed, which is designed to dramatically improve click-through rates and increase revenue generation capabilities for Web sites while simultaneously improving the experience of search users. The new offering combines Vivisimo's clustering technology and relevant search results from LookSmart, in addition to leveraging LookSmart's network of advertisers. The combined LookSmart-Vivisimo feed will be offered through LookSmart and iTransEuro, a service provider for Internet content companies.


SearchLeads Impact: Minimal


Affiliate Program Case Study
Adwords versus AccessoryAds

Online Advertising Tips



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The Click Fraud Scare
Did you panic during the recent Click-Fraud scare? No need to worry, it's just the interactive agencies way of pushing intrusive ads. There is still no better return on investment than pay per click advertising.

Guideline for when to question the quality of clicks -
- Visit Depth: If you see a steady stream of one page view visits, it might be click fraud.

Visitors per IP: It's normal to have visitors from the same IP address. Keep track of your daily and hourly visit to see if at one time there is a dramatic increase in the number of visits. Most likely, it's click fraud.


ROI Calculator: measure every advertising dollar!


ROIspy™ will extract for you the actual return on investment (ROI) for all your internet advertising dollars. Start measuring the the profitability of each search term promoted with pay-per-ranking search engines, banners campaigns, ranking improvements or any promotional effort originating from the Internet! Visit for more information.


Feature Advertising Opportunity:, a leading pay per click search engine, is rolling out a new advertising program that is worth a look. AccessoryAds™ lets advertisers bid to appear on websites where visitors NEED the product or service they are selling. AccessoryAd™ specializes in the travel industry and has identified entire categories of websites on which an advertisement can be placed for a product or service in targeted, non-competitive environments!

Learn more at

How to Start a Link Campaign for SEO

Ask any competent search engine optimization firm and they will tell you that a key to receiving quality traffic through the natural search listing is the presence of links pointing to your own. Every major search engine uses the number of these links as a gauge of the sites popularity. But how do you actually build links?

Start by developing content such as articles or information about your company and ask people to exchange links with you.


Outsource your Link Building and Search Engine Marketing

Spider Bait Search Engine Placement Services

Increase Traffic From Popular Search Engines With
SpiderBait SEM

Outsourcing PPC Management:

Most likely, you initially visited because you were interested in driving visitor traffic to your website through search engine advertising and NOT having to spend the time and resources yourself, but instead turn to the experts.

If you're responsible for generating traffic to your website with pay for placement search engines, you understand the investment of time and money that it takes to manage those campaigns effectively. With over 500 of these search engines currently in existence, how can you place at the sites that you need to generate quality traffic and not go bankrupt or get completely stressed? As PPC management tools and services become the rage with hardcore PPC managers, several of the more unique management options certainly merit a review. 

Read this article on Outsourcing PPC Management 


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